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Everything from music streaming and weather apps, through to news and storage apps are doing it. Maybe Apple should change the advertising slogan to "invading your privacy—there's an app for that. Of course, it isn't just iOS apps that do this. Android apps are just as bad. However, that doesn't mean that Apple gets a free ride. Especially in light of that "what happens on your iPhone Rumors are rife that Apple CEO, Tim Cook, will try and dampen the flames with an announcement tomorrow June 3 regarding limiting these trackers when it comes to apps in the App Store "Kids" section.

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More than one information security and privacy expert have already told me, in off the record conversations, that they think this is unlikely to be workable. So what can you do to stop the tracking yourself? Good question, to which the answer is nothing.

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If the question had been what you can do to limit the tracking problem, then things are somewhat more positive. Just don't expect to be able to stop all the spying, because that isn't going to be doable I'm afraid. This will prevent advertisers from getting usage statistics including search history data. It will also mean you'll see random adverts rather than targeted ones, but to be honest most of the "targeted" ads I see on any platform are pretty random anyway.

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While you are in the privacy settings, you may as well turn off location services for apps that you don't want to be tracking your location. This is meant to enable those apps that do need to perform update and content checks to do so while you are not actively using them and so provide you with notifications and the like. I'd recommend not taking the nuclear option with this one and take some care as to which apps you disable it for. There's always going to be a balance required between usability and privacy at the end of the day.

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And during the night, for that matter, as the function is used by some apps to spy on you while you sleep. Mobile phone spy Apple iPhone 6 consequently records all incoming and active calls and hear them out whenever. You can track GPS area of a checked gadget continuously using the spy applications. You will have the capacity to look through all pictures, photographs and recordings with just a single tap.

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    The application gives you a chance to peruse all messages both received and sent. Cell phone surveillance has become common among couples, governments spying on its citizens and parents surveilling their children. These apps are the next generation of spies.

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    Mobile phones tracker applications record phones call, SMS, browsing history and messages from Whatsapp facebook and keeping track of GPS locations. To start spying on a certain cell phone, you install the spy app on the phone you want to monitor and then choose the activities that you like to monitor. The app needs an Internet connection in order to upload data into an online database where the person spying logs into the account view the activities of the phone.

    An advantage of the spy app Apple iPhone 6 is that it cannot be detected because it stays hidden in the cell phone, therefore, a person will not notice it is there.

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