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While some of you may not like the idea of your iPhone always listening to you, "Hey Siri" does come in handy when you need to find your device. Every time you activate "Hey Siri" by saying that exact phrase, whether your volume is down all the way or you have your iPhone set to silent, there will be a semi-loudish tone once Siri has been activated. Afterward, if she doesn't hear you right away, she might even say "Go ahead," "Yes? If you do say something and she couldn't hear, she may ask you to repeat it.

When done, another semi-loudish tone occurs signifying "Hey Siri" has shut down. Obviously, these tones and Siri speaking equals a good opportunity to find your iPhone under your bed or maybe even under a pile of papers on your desk. If you're at a friend's house — or at least with a friend — and you for some reason or another actually use Apple's " Find My Friends " app, there's a good chance your friend can help you locate your iPhone. While it won't make your iPhone beep or flash, it can at least help you determine what house your iPhone is currently in.

Of course, you would have had to share you location "indefinitely" with whoever is using Find My Friends to help track you, and it's likely only a family member, close relative, or best friend, since it's probably not a great idea to be sharing your iPhone's location with everyeone you connect with on Find My Friends.

Find My iPhone: Lock and track your device using Lost Mode

There's a lesser-known alert setting on the iPhone that makes your LED on the rear flash every time you get a new notification. You can also file a report if you believe your phone was stolen. This will help track your phone in case it gets sold to someone else.

Try the Missing Phones online directory. Check the database at MissingPhones.

How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Your Lost or Stolen iOS Device

Contact your carrier if your phone is gone for good. If you're sure that your phone has been stolen, or you don't think you'll ever find it again, contact your carrier as soon as possible. Dispute any charges incurred if you think your iPhone was stolen. Method 6. Open Settings. Tap your Apple ID. It's the section at the top of the menu that contains your name and image if you've added one. Tap iCloud. It's in the second section of the menu. Scroll down and tap Find My iPhone.

Embrace the full power of mobile tracking software

Slide "Find My iPhone" to the "On" position. It will turn green. This feature enables you to find your iPhone's location using another device. Slide "Send Last Location" to the "On" position. Now your iPhone will send its location to Apple when the battery is critically low, just before it powers off. Normally, iPhones have a tracker device which you can use on another iPhone. Keep in mind that the other device must be an iPhone; it won't work with another type of phone, such as Android.

Yes No. Not Helpful 24 Helpful They can track a lost phone if you have the serial number. Not Helpful 11 Helpful What can I do? It is probably turned off or the battery has died. Unfortunately, there is no way you can track it if the phone is off or offline. You will have to physically search for it. Not Helpful 52 Helpful Not Helpful 5 Helpful Ask nicely. Describe features distinct to the phone to the police officer. If your phone is locked, ask the police if you can unlock it to prove it belongs to you. Bring proof that it is your phone by showing your mobile bill. If necessary, get your carrier on the phone with the cops and ask that they verify the IMEI number, which is unique to a given phone.

How to Find Your iPhone Even If It’s Dead or Offline (UPDATED FOR iOS 13)

Not Helpful 5 Helpful 8. If you know where you lost it, try calling the iPhone until you can hear it ring. If you do not know where you lost it, you can use the Find My iPhone app from another phone or computer as long as the cellular data or WiFi is turned on. Not Helpful 33 Helpful No, as WiFi and cellular are the main things which find your phone for you. If both of these are off, then you may have problems finding your phone. Not Helpful 54 Helpful What can I do to find my phone if it was in airplane mode when I lost it?

A phone that is in airplane mode does not have a connection to the internet, therefore you will have to physically search for it, or have your carrier shut off your data if you are unable to find it.

iCloud: Lock and track your device using Lost Mode in Find My iPhone

Not Helpful 15 Helpful The location of my phone is not where I left it so I think someone took it, what should I do? Call the phone to see who answers it and request that they return the phone to you. Clarify that you know the phone isn't where it is meant to be and that you won't report it missing if they return it to you. Now I can see nothing If I was you I think I'd shoot myself ; oh, that's right, now i remember why i stopped commenting on the forums here.

How to Turn On/Off Location Services on iPhone

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